"Put Your Crown On and Work" (March 2020 Shirt)

Hey Girl Hey! This month’s shirt is from me- Ashlie. Have you ever been told that you can’t or you’re not enough- I mean at some point or another haven’t we all!?! Whether it is something you are dealing with in your personal life, rodeo or even your career, words always hurt so much more than any kind of physical injury. Then, if you let it, physical symptoms can even occur if you get upset enough. Trust me I have been there! BUT you have the power to take whatever you are dealing with in your life and instead of letting it burn you down- let it be the fuel to your fire! Take whatever you are dealing with, throw your crown on, AND WORK! You are in control of your destiny and when you armor yourself with God in one hand and confidence in the other- YOU CAN DO ANYTHING! Backstory- OMG I am such as has been in rodeo. Like a self-proclaimed HAS BEEN! Been on top, won some world titles, saddles, tons of buckles and rode some really nice horses. Got older and mom guilt has always been my enemy so I only rode when I could. Lost my horse of a life time, got a divorce, my dad passed away- JUST LIFE and PS growing up is not what I thought it was going to be when I was wishing as a kid that I was grown. Fast forward we find out we are having a little girl and I Knew right then I had to start now training horses for her because we can’t afford to buy them finished. I roll up to a barrel race with my young horse in the trailer and an old friend in conversation says- Yeah, they were just like you and only rode one good horse… WOW let that sink in.. I had literally a barn full of horses! One for every event even reining and western pleasure. Was this all I was? One good horse?! It bothered me- for a hot minute AND THEN I WENT TO WORK! Hitting the 1D on my horse last year against some pretty tough competition wasn’t to prove him wrong, it wasn’t to show up everyone else- that was for me! That was to prove I am so much more than one good horse, a box full of buckles and saddles my kids now ride in…. I had won, not physically BUT MENTALLY. Do you have something that’s hurting your heart and holding you down?! Let Go, Let God, throw your crown on and remind them who they are dealing with! In the end we all win some and we lose some, but how we treat other people is the most important thing. Let your crown encourage you to lift others up, give God the glory and don’t be intimidated by other people’s success because we are all in a different race. Cheer for your friends, say nice things to others and love yourself for who you are because God doesn’t make mistakes. As for me and my horse, we are on cruise control for a while. We are slowing down, fixing some things, just making sure we get it right for when the time comes for KK to ride her and to my friend who totally dissed me in the arena that day-Thank you. You gave me the fuel I needed to prove to myself I can be whatever I set out to be.. and you can too! Put your crown on girl and get to work!


Xoxo- A                

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