Have you ever heard never quit? Well now is the time more than any to QUIT! Just stop where you are, throw the towel in and quit. Be a quitter and walk away. But I was told never to quit! Not now- Now we are all going to be quitters!!

Wait a minute before you freak out- we are not quitting the good stuff, we are quitting the bad. We are going to take 9 things that we need to quit doing to make ourselves the best versions we can be. 

Ok Ok... I share mine. :) These were thought about for a while, when I weighed out what I needed to quit to become better it was tough. With these decisions came loss of friendships, selflessness and reaching out of comfort zone. It took the commitment to work harder in areas Im not good at and taking extra time where I was slacking. Here they are: 

  1. I QUIT not getting on my knees in prayer every morning.
  2. I QUIT procrastinating.
  3. I QUIT not hugging my family every chance I get.
  4. I QUIT being on my phone when my children are around.
  5. I QUIT listening to negative conversation.
  6. I QUIT allowing myself to be guilty by association.
  7. I QUIT letting other people's opinions matter.
  8. I QUIT being a friend to undeserving friends.
  9. I QUIT not being the best version of myself.      

Join us in the I QUIT. campaign. Take time and self reflect on what you can quit to become better? Who can you quit to grow and how do you quit it? Quitting will never be harder than it is right now. Relying on toxic relationships, opinions and false idols will lead you away, but when you quit the things that are dragging you down, you will begin to grow into what you were truly made to be.

You need a visual ASAP. Print out the picture provided, write it on a piece of paper, break out that red lip stick and write it on your mirror!! When you quit and commit you need to read the things you are quitting first thing every morning. Arm and ready yourself for the day.

Nine is ALOT. These are not meant to be done all at once and sometimes you are going to fail. Work your way up, prioritize, order them from least to greatest if you need to. But you know what the good thing is?!? You get to try and try again until you are the best quitter ever!!

I am already so proud of the beautiful quitter you are! So starting today you can officially say I QUIT.



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